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Commanders Corner

Unit Commander: Maj Trevor A. Munson, CAP


Major Munson has been with Valkyrie since it's inception over 20 years ago, at which time he joined as a cadet. He assumed command of Valkyrie in late 2021, after serving with Valkyrie as the Squadron Aerospace Officer. He has a backround in many areas of Civil Air Patrol's mission, to include Public Affairs, Cadet Programs, Aerospace Education, and Emergency Services. 





This vision statement is crafted from CAP’s main statement, “Volunteers serving America's communities, saving lives, and shaping futures.” At the squadron level, especially in a cadet squadron, we are tasked with shaping future leaders of America and creating future aerospace careers. We want to complete this mission by providing the resources and activities to benefit them in these future roles. This ensures that we are always on task to benefit the cadets, and we can use this as a litmus test for any activity or action taken. 

To do this, we have changed our structure. We have created more cadet assistant positions, that way they are able to have more involvement in a potential future role. Another  change we are making is creating more ES opportunities. Historically, our squadron has largely ignored the ES component of the 3 missions, and left members wanting to participate in them behind. We will be able to train ourselves and others within the group to be able to participate in SAREXes and other activities within the wing, while including those who are eager to participate. Additionally, we are inviting more guest speakers, particularly those who can speak about future careers. This includes the military, aerospace careers, and also former cadets who can show you how far a CAP career can take you. 

I am very proud of the futures that I have already seen, and the successes that we have created. I am anticipating to see a large increase in success stories in the coming years.

Cadet Commander: C/Lt Col Cooper J. Eisman, CAP


Hello, and Welcome! I am C/Lt Col Cooper Eisman, CAP, the Cadet Commander at Valkyrie Cadet Squadron. I have been a member of Civil Air Patrol since 2018. Since then, I have immersed myself in much of what the Cadet Program has to offer. I attended the Lightning II encampment at the United States Air Force Academy Prep School in Summer of 2019, and attained honor graduate in the process. I am also a member of the Colorado Wing Cadet Honor Society and the Vice-Chair of the Rocky Mountain Region Cadet Advisory Council. I am currently an enrolled at Colorado School of Mines, where I am in the process of obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, with a minor in Military Science. At Mines, I serve on the Executive Board of Undergraduate Student Government, a brother at Sigma Phi Epsilon, and I am a member of Army ROTC.

  1. Integrity. I firmly believe that integrity in word and deed is the most important aspect of any functional group. This means that you are honest with both your peers and yourself about your capabilities, thoughts, etc. We must all be capable of relying on each other to do as we say.  In terms of being honest to others, I expect that if you are true to your word. In terms of being honest with yourself, you must always ensure you are informed on your own capabilities. Though difficult, sometimes personal honesty requires you to ask the question: Can I do this? Quite frankly, sometimes the answer to this will be no. That is okay. Do what you can, then ask for help with what you can't.

  1. Growth. Our squadron will not succeed without individual growth, and individual growth will never happen without failure. I guarantee that every individual, to include myself, will occasionally face failure during their tenure. Instead of penalizing an individual for a mistake, our time is better spent solving the problem at hand. In every mistake, there is learning experience... Therefore, In the face of failure, I encourage all of you to embrace the opportunity to become better followers, better leaders, and better citizens. I expect that each of you utilize your creative abilities to their fullest extent, taking calculated risks along the way. To this end: be assured I will never allow any individual on my staff to be punished for an honest mistake, no matter their position. This is a two-way street, though. Leaders should always give and receive honest, constructive feedback. Receiving negative feedback is never fun, but it is imperative that you accept constructive criticism in stride. We will be implementing a staff feedback/mentoring system, and I hope that we can all receive criticism as a source of motivation to become better, instead of as discouragement.

  1. Communication. Due to the nature of our organization, communication will be key to functioning cohesively. I expect that each and every position on staff responds to weekly staff call downs, as distributed by the Cadet Director of Personnel. Taking this further, I expect that each of you respond in a timely manner to communication from Cadets, Staff, and Senior Member. I have no problem with necessary absences when they are appropriately communicated. Sometimes you will need a day off from CAP to study for a final exam, to recover from an exceptionally difficult week, or to attend an external event. That is okay. Communicate in an effective and timely manner, and I will work with you to make sure your needs are met.

  1. Standardization. In essence, standardization will encourage a consistent pattern of success. The future of our squadron relies upon written procedures that are consistently utilized. In order to implement this aspect, we will employ a greater level of structure to our operations. This includes the new OPORD system, which allows us to retain a written record of all of our meetings past. Myself and C/Capt Dogue are currently working to create and distribute a new Cadet Staff Guide, which will explain each staff position in detail -- which the entire squadron will have access to. There will be a focus on maintaining a consistent file system in the google drive, so that we can access all squadron records with ease. 

  1. Fairness. Each and every member of staff will be treated with proper respect and courtesy. I will never tolerate favoritism, blatant disrespect, or unfair treatment of any kind; no matter the individuals involved. Under my Commandership, each individual will be assessed solely on their capabilities, responsibility level, and merit. This applies to Cadets, Senior Members, and Staff alike. As it goes toward respect, I encourage that every member of staff consistently applies themselves to the same standards that we set for our cadets. This means that I expect everyone to participate in Squadron PT, unless you have a specific and urgent tasking. Further, each of you should be promoting regularly, showing up on time, passing PT tests, etc... If you feel as though you are being unfairly treated, or see it happening to someone else, come to me immediately.


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