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Unit Commander: Maj Trevor A. Munson, CAP


Major Munson first joined CAP in 2002 as a cadet at 14. During his time as a cadet, he attained the Amelia Earhart award, obtained his Ground Team Member certification, and was awarded the Exceptional Service Award for innovative aerospace education collaboration. 


Throughout his 21-year career in the organization, Major Munson has received accolades for his work in the field of Aerospace Education and in Public Affairs at the unit, group, and wing levels. In 2021, Major Munson took command of the Valkyrie Cadet Squadron, and began leading from the front by ramping up activities and increasing the roster post-COVID. This led to the formation of the unit’s Ground Team and a successful Unit Open House. Major Munson is also committed to professional development, completing both Level IV and Squadron Commander’s Course in early 2022, hosting multiple Training Leaders of Cadets courses, and becoming a CAP Volunteer University Instructor.

In his professional life, Major Munson works as a medical recruiter with DispatchHealth. He has been married to his wife, Janna, for 6 years. They reside in their home with 2 cats in Aurora, CO.



This vision statement is crafted from CAP’s main statement, “Volunteers serving America's communities, saving lives, and shaping futures.” At the squadron level, especially in a cadet squadron, we are tasked with shaping future leaders of America and creating future aerospace careers. We want to complete this mission by providing the resources and activities to benefit them in these future roles. This ensures that we are always on task to benefit the cadets, and we can use this as a litmus test for any activity or action taken. 

To do this, we have changed our structure. We have created more cadet assistant positions, that way they are able to have more involvement in a potential future role. Another change we are making is creating more ES opportunities. Historically, our squadron has largely ignored the ES component of the 3 missions, and left members wanting to participate in them behind. We will be able to train ourselves and others within the group to be able to participate in SAREXes and other activities within the wing, while including those who are eager to participate. Additionally, we are inviting more guest speakers, particularly those who can speak about future careers. This includes the military, aerospace careers, and also former cadets who can show you how far a CAP career can take you. 

I am very proud of the futures that I have already seen, and the successes that we have created. I am anticipating a large increase in success stories in the coming years.




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