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SQTR Information

What is a SQTR?

SQTR’S are the forms that track what is needed for each Operations training position. You can use these forms on the field training exercises to document on paper the items that you qualified in. This is needed because the SET (Skills Examiner Trainer) has to sign off at the time of the training. You can then bring the paper back and enter the information into E-Services at your convenience. There are currently 41 SQTR’s available in CAP Operations. 

  • A member must be at least in trainee status to participate in a mission. 


How do I know what I need to do to become qualified?

To view your SQTRs and see what items will eventually need to completed to be certified follow the below steps. 

  1. Login to eServices
  2. On the left side of the page select Operations.
    • When the "pop-up" box displays, select Operation Qualifications.
  3. On the left side of the page select Entry/View Worksheet.
    • If prompted, enter CAPID or Last name, and click the search icon.
  4. Next, leave the Functional Area drop down box as OPS-Emergency Services and select a desired achievement, from the Achievement drop down box.
    • UDF, Ground Team 3, or desired achievement.
      • NOTE: you should always print out your SQTR before going to training for the desired achievement so you can be signed off or bring your existing SQTR that you already have sign-off's on. 

How do I fill out and print my SQTR and 101 card?


How do I print a SQTR?

  • These can be printed out by going to the bottom of the SQTR page. Selecting Current version from the drop-down box.
    • A PDF file will download, open the document, and print the SQTR from.


What do I do with my SQTR?

  • The printed SQTRs must contain the evaluator's CAPID next to each task and the evaulator's signature and mission ID if you participated in an exercise.
  • DO NOT LOSE your SQTR, once you are completely signed off on everything. You must still upload the paper, signed off, SQTR into eServices. 
    • Steps to upload your SQTR?
    • Scan document to a folder on your computer.
    • Login to eServices
    • Go to Operations / Operations Qualifications
    • Under Emergency Services and SQTRs, click on Entry/View Worksheet
    • Enter your CAPID in the Search Box and Click the Magnifying lens Search button.
    • Click on the View/Upload Documents 
      • Select Achievement you have completed from the drop down list. 
      • Click Choose File and select file from where it was saved on your computer.
      • Click Upload ES Files
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